Sunday, November 21, 2004

knitting yarns

I have just found a site with the most gorgeous hand dyed knitting yarns. Well, actually mostly wool of all kinds:

I did finish my bag today, but forgot to take a photo while it was still light. Nearly 8pm and still hot out, it was tremendously hot today, so I sat and finished my bag this afternoon. Not the weather for me to poke my nose outside Tomorrow I am going to dye my silk outfit. After much deliberation I have decided to use 3 different yellows and squirt the dye over it, then it can sit outside in a black plastic dustbin bag to cure all day. I decided on yellow as I can then overdye it later on if I want another colour, probably mostly it will be green, but may be able to work it to a teal. Since I have a golden beige stole to wear and my bag is a golden beige I think yellow will work best for this wedding.


At 10:30 PM, Blogger Nicky said...

Wow the threads on that site you posted are gorgeous!
I think you are brave dyeing something for a wedding but sounds like it will spectacular - the last thing I dyed for a wedding was a pair of shoes - luckily I had a sample of the satin to work beforehand with otherwise it would have been a disaster!

At 8:41 PM, Blogger Maureen said...

Never dyed shoes! The outfit I am dyeing is cream silk which I wore for my son's wedding a couple of years ago. The silk has yellowed a bit and I thought I would liven the outfit up by changeing its colour. Have some beige-ish dye handy for if it is a bit too loud. Will be summer here and a nice summery yellow is what I am aiming for. Can always overdye with blue later on to change it again.


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