Friday, November 12, 2004

Textile Arts Marginalised

I have just been to an interesting site This spinner and weaver of the most beautiful hangings and rugs is really into how artists are marginalised by the big institutions like art galleries, etc. But aside from that his work is beautiful and I loved how he showed the methods of dyeing he uses and the wool he spins.

There is not much textile art in our local art gallery, I always leave an appreciative note when something textile appears and ask for more. Maybe they think that something like one piece once a year is enough! Not quite truthful as there was an exhibition of costumes made for the Ballet company in Monte Carlo, the famous one created by Diaghilev, plus another travelling exhibition of historic Australian quilts.


At 8:05 PM, Blogger Nicky said...

Wow! That weaving is really beautiful. I especially liked the one called Isti Mirant Stella. I agree that a lot of textile art is marginalised although things seem to be improving slowly. I think a lot of art galleries still see textiles as being too "domestic" and therefore not worthy of exhibiting. A great shame.


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