Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Having cut up a load of threads and ribbons, dyed a hank of rayon thread, I laid it all out on plastic dissolving film, pinned and then picked it up to take to the sewing machine. And immediately all the rayon threads slid out of place, out of the film and all over the place. After a brief struggle I decided that the rayon had won and stuffed it all into a supermarket bag, got out the Vilene 541 soluble stuff and stitched the threads into this, handful by handful, not quite as artistically arranged, but they are all in there. All that remains now is to free motion stitch over the threads to hold them firmly in place, and hey presto then I will have a nice long stole to wear to a family wedding. Love my husband, but his family should all live on another planet IMHO. Will put photos of the stole on the blog when it is visible. Whatever it will place me firmly in the crazy side of the family, which is where I like to be.

It has rained quite heavily for the last two days and my garden is looking so happy. Apart from the lawn beetle who are temporarily vanquished.


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