Saturday, November 20, 2004

So much for plans

I was given a bag of vintage silk scraps the other day for my crazy patchwork. We have an invitation to a posh wedding, so have decided to make a bag to match my outfit from one of these pieces of silk. It is a French Jacquard silk, beige and pink. I found a pinkish piece of braid to embellish the handles and have put together the lining and most of the bag. Have to hand stitch down the seam on the handles and then put the braid on by hand. It won't take long, only a small uncomplicated bag, just enough to take my mobile and a lipstick. My daughter and I had a hilarious hat trying on session this morning in a department store, but decided we are definitely not hat people. I will take a picture of the bag when it is finished. All in all this wedding and Christmas are great time-wasters when I have so much else I want to do.

Actually, I think I have really good plans for craftie things, but seem always to be short of time to finish them. My garden is taking up a lot of my time at present, but now it has turned hot the weed growth will slow down, thank goodness! Maybe I should stick with one craft and make myself really accomplished at it, but seem to have such a wide field of interests I seem not to get really accomplished at anything.


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