Monday, July 10, 2006


I haven't quite been idle these last few days. I bought a new overlocker and have been playing with it. Never believe the blurb when it says your new overlocker is easy to thread! Unless it is the babylock one that sucks the threads through and into position, they are still devils to thread, especially when you don't know all the quirks of your new beast. But once I did get it done it sews like a dream and I have been wearing my new trousers with pride.

Next month I am doing a workshop with Carol Wilkes
so I have been playing with painting vliesofix and ironing it onto felt. Of course the required size of felt is 2cm larger than any of the squares I have collected, so had to go buy a metre of the stuff. This picture is of one of my samples; turquoise and silver paint on beige felt. It makes a lovely background for all sorts of works. I have a painted piece of Vliesofix aka Wonder Under drying at present to apply to black felt. I painted this piece with red setashimmer and copper paint, which should look rather good on black.


At 3:05 AM, Blogger MargaretR said...

This seems to have great possibilities Maureen. I can see trees in it!
I know just what you mean about threading overlockers. Mine is quite old now, but if I need to re-thread, it takes hours. Then still threading exactly the same as every other failure, for some reason it decides to work. I can never figure out why this happens(s)


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