Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rocky Mountaineer

Whilst I was in Calgary I met with a friend's husband. He took me to Heritage Park, a place where they have moved various old buildings to form into a little township. It is a really interesting park, I found it fascinating there. I sent some mail to Australia, and it was hand franked and put into the postbox by the postmistress in a real old fashioned post office. We had a traditional breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup and sausages before starting our sightseeing. It was a lovely sunny day.

The next morning I started out on my train trip across the Rockies to Vancouver. I took quite a few photos, but this is the only one that shows anything of what the scenery is like. We had a wonderful trip, saw lots of animals, my biggest thrills being to see a black bear and coyote, luckily from the safety of the train! Alas no photos as we were past them in a flash and I would never have got the camera lined up in time.


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