Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mennonite Charity Quilt Auction

One of the features of the Waterloo Quilt Festival is the Mennonite Charity Quilt Auction. This year they had 283 quilts to auction over two days. It is a highly professional event, once a quilt is sold it is quickly replaced by the next one to be auctioned, whilst the sold quilt is packaged and numbered ready for payment and collection. It was fascinating to watch. Of course, greedy me could hardly wait to go and get my slice of home made strawberry pie with cream, all made by Mennonite women and totally delicious. I must try to replicate this recipe for sure.
My notes say that the quilt pictured here sold for about $1000 Canadian. In my book that is a real bargain.


At 7:30 PM, Blogger Lee-ann said...

O! if only the world could be smaller and I could take a car ride to this fantastic day.

You are so lucky to have be there and of course the strawberry pie sounds like the purrrrrrfect! :o) summer treat.

thank you for sharing this with us and I am so pleased to have just dropped in to take a look your whole blog is lovely.

A big hello from this winter's day in Australia!

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Lee-ann said...

Oops! so sorry if I had read all your blog first I would have seen you were an Aussie on holidays!

WELL ALL THE BETTER!.I say, I am so pleased you had a lovely time.

I have been to USA - maine and new england twice now to visit friends and the Amish quilts were wonderful there. I brought two old quilts home with me from there and I just love them.

from victoria best wishes.


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