Saturday, October 30, 2004

Tweaking exhibition pieces

I am really happy with the couching I have just finished round the palm tree wallhanging. Sorry to keep rabitting on about this, but it is one of those things that never looked quite right. I had left the edge raw as I wanted a softer look than just satin stitching round it, but polyester satin does not fray as neatly as cotton, so it just looked messy. In desperation, pawing through my embellishment box(es) I found some silk floss with a metallic strip through it that I had previously dyed, fortunately in an ok colour for this. So I gathered this up, it makes a really neat little ruched strip with the gleam of the silk and the sparkle of the metallic thread, and have been couching it to the edge. I am feeling almost happy about this wallhanging now. When it is light I must take a photo and put it up on the site. Have to hand everything in tomorrow, so fortunately there will be no more time for 'tweaking'.

Have put some strips of ribbon along the backs of my wallhangings for the claw thingies the art gallery use - hope this will work well. Must comb the scrappy shawl for loose threads, but that is all for that one. My daughters think these are neat (makes a change from moaning about my dressmaking skills) and both have one to wear for effect over the party season.


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