Thursday, October 14, 2004

Paints not Dyes

Big Grin, I think you found me out, Sharon. In all innocence I call Setacolours or whatever paint, but Karen Britto, doyen of shibori, says they are officially classed as a dye. So ok, I bow to superior knowledge, dyes they are.

Never being at a loss for words (all that training in my Eng. Lit degree does have some uses after all) I have no problem writing my journal, the biggest problem will be in training myself to use the information in creative ways. I have always collected images in my mind and with the aid of postcards or cards or magazine pictures, but they end up lost or sent out when I have forgotten to buy a card for a special occasion. All I have to work out is how to work the old images into my daily journal without sounding disjointed.

I have just a small amount of binding to hem on two wallhangings for the machine embroidery exhibition. Have been working like a slave to finish these, but it will be worth it so I can go to visit my son and family in Margaret River next week. My free motion machine embroidered palm trees are a sight to be seen, Very Quirky.


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