Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Ah, today has been brainwave day. I was a bit disappointed with the 'frame' I did for the palm tree and decided to paint it to add a bit of oomph. So I got out my coffee coloured Setacolour, added a bit of bronze metallic, well about equal parts, and with a fan brush more or less dry brushed all over the green part of the wall hanging. Then added some green glitter with shiva stick crayon. Feel a bit happier with it now.

Then I decided what I might do with some watercolour sandwiched between plastic file sheets. I found this idea in a machine embroidery book and played using watercolours and acrylic. I preferred the watercolour, and found that by adding drops of water in random patterns, the blue/green/purple painted file cover has a gorgeous underwater sea look. Then I ran out of ideas on how to use this in embroidery. Have thought I might cut it into strips and attach to a sea-ey fabric background by adding netting over the top to hold the plastic in place without piercing it with a needle. Then I would like to hang free fabric strips over this to float in every passing breeze plus some fish attached by fishing line under over and between the strippy pieces. Now I have written this all out I must think seriously about starting this masterpiece.


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