Friday, October 15, 2004

Going astray

No excuse about being led astray either, I took a ring into a jeweller workshop to get the setting checked, and before I left I had bought another little amethyst ring. Perhaps to compensate for the years of deprivation when childrearing, but pretty glittery things are hard to resist these days.

I got the posters and invitations for Designing Women Textile Exhibition today. Somehow I must find time to get some posters up. People in this neck of the woods are sooo unhelpful about putting posters up, especially for events taking place south of the river - this area is in the far north of Perth.

My pieces for this exhibition are well on the way to finish. I mailed off my list of exhibits today, so now have officially 6 pieces that will be on display and 4 pieces for sale. Selling stuff just before Christmas would be a very welcome bonus provided I keep away from jewellery shops.


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