Monday, October 11, 2004

Really tangled this time

Ok, I am back from the Crazy Quilt Retreat in Canberra with the add-on visit to my daughter in Melbourne. I had a wonderful time at the retreat, met up with my on-line friends and made some new friendships, learned a lot and just had some plain old fun. The fancy dress and bra parades were so funny I am sure I have not laughed so much for many years. Alas I bought a crazy patch glasses case from one of my friends at the retreat and left it behind at a restaurant on my first evening home in Perth. I think the restaurant found my glasses, but not the pretty crazy patch case. To replace this treasured memento I have been making myself a new case with fabrics that I acquired in the baggie swap there. I had decided to start collecting some red fabrics as I don't have many, but have now used a lot of these up in this case. Just have a little more patching to do then have some embroidery to add. I tried to embed the picture of the case, but the picture got added without the words.

It was so good of sharonb to mention this little blog in her Inaminuteago blog at I constantly visit this blog, but try not to do it if I am short of time as I can lose myself in this wonderful resource for hours at a time.


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