Monday, October 11, 2004

Musings on husbands and food

I asked my husband to make sure there was some food for me when I returned from my Canberra/Melbourne trip. There was, but it was the healthy food I put in the fridge for him before I went away, so have been throwing out and cleaning the fridge before going to the supermarket. Now he is in the UK visiting his Dad and cramming himself full of takeaway and pub meals (with mega chip portions) I suspect.

Have been working on the satin wallhanging that I stamped and machine quilted, now just the binding to do. I have also solved the palm tree mounting problem. I bought some pale green cotton and am going to machine embroider palm trees all over this in a toning metallic thread, then will satin stitch the palm tree piece to this larger fabric. Sort of like a picture frame, but the worked palm tree will definitely be off-centre to allow for my unfailing ability to get things crooked. Thank goodness for modern art, say I!!! And I finished crazy patching the glasses case and am embellishing. Seems to be easier to do a lot of work when I don't have another person to look after. Cooking is easy when it is just vegetables and very little of the meat and 2 veg type of meal husbands seem to prefer.


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