Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Busy fingers

I was not idle on holiday, in spare moments I started to knit a scarf, but it soon became clear that for a conventionally knitted scarf I did not have enough of this nylon yarn, so I frog stitched and have knitted this diagonal pattern. The scarf is narrow but I will have enough yarn for it to be worn double with the ends slipped through a loop. It remains to be seen if I will have enough yarn for some funky tassels.

Here is a picture of the garden in front of my daughter's cottage. Strangely I bought this rose a couple of years ago and it is cherished lovingly in a pot full of worm compost with additional feeds of worm liquid fertiliser. This one is surviving on very little water, if any, mainly just early morning dew and since mine does not flower so profusely, perhaps I should cease the TLC!


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