Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Back in Perth

Had a great trip to Melbourne, don't think I missed many exhibitions. I toured a millinery exhibition in Federation Square with Sophie from Artstitches blog. We were rendered nearly speechless by some of the hats! It was good to meet up with Sophie, we talked without stopping about our work and how we do it, etc. etc. Visited the bead shop, oh that was good, so much damage to my pocket money was done there! Both Sophie and my daughter intended to take me to a wool shop that was close to Clegs, but it has moved somewhere, does anyone have any idea what happened to it?
I also visited the Ikat exhibition in the art gallery, amazing work to be seen there, such fine examples of controlled dyeing. And there was a photography exhibit also in the art gallery, photography as social history. Back to the old idea that the camera does not lie. What a quaint concept that sounds in this day and age, but oh what photos, some of them were heartbreakingly truthful in what they recorded.

Haven't downloaded my camera yet, but alas no textiles to be seen, I always forget my camera when something good is in view.


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