Saturday, November 18, 2006

? Textiles

I have been rather slack on the textile front lately, but yesterday posted off a postcard for another auction, so maybe I am entitled to a day off. I did mend the fly veil leggings for my daughter's horse, the shadecloth had pulled away from the bias close to the velcro fastenings. Once I worked out how to repair it it did not take a minute and I was able to deliver them today so her boy would be free from tormenting fly bites on his ankles. Not only is it highly irritating for the horse, but it is also irritating when it is hot to have to fill in the large hole he dug when pawing to free himself free of the biting flies.

Other than having breakfast out this morning, going to the local vegetable shed to top up the greenery in the house and delivering my mending, I have been making onion and thyme marmalade to go with cold meats at Christmas. It needs a month to mature, so I am just in thyme (sorry time!).


At 3:43 PM, Blogger Sophie said...

Onion and thyme marmalade - that sounds scrumptious!!! Would ou mind sharing the recipe?? (Please....)


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