Monday, September 04, 2006

dyeing with rosemary - details

I didn't give any details of my rosemary dyeing because I simply didn't know how it would turn out. I decided boiling herbs for an hour and then boiling fabric in the liquid produced by the first boiling was overuse of natural resources, so I put the mordanted fabric and the dye liquid in a jar and put in in the sunshine in my garden. It stayed there for two days, with a little moving around to take best advantage of a natural resource, the sun. At present I have some brown onion skins soaking in distilled water to see if that will produce a brighter yellow. Alas no sunshine, because after the two days of lovely spring weather we are back to rain.
The yellow produced from rosemary can be seen on the silk background of the first Dawn postcard I have in progress.

On the postcard front, I have two more in progress, two waiting for beading and the third is, well, I am not quite sure how to finish it, but it will be a good addition to my Dawn series.


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