Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ta-da lists

Thanks to sharonb I have got myself a ta-da list I went to visit it just now and all the things on my list are still there! This is not helping at all. Making things I should do official seems to inhibit activity.


At 2:04 AM, Blogger arlee said...

Stubborn, stubborn! :> One thing at a time, Maureen...
(I'm finding the same thing..............)

At 6:48 AM, Blogger Sophie said...

I'm finding the same thing.

Creating the list is not a problem - it formalises all the "i must..." that float around my head all day whilst at work. The problem is getting in and getting the done.

If i didn't spend so much time writing lists and reading blogs I'd maybe get things done, but this iw way more fun ;)


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