Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Shuttle Shifting

Have been busy tatting Christmas ornaments so I have a little stock handy for popping into cards when I get round to sending them out. This is a little job I can do in any spare few minutes, so is handy to keep going and see how many I can have ready by Christmas.

Monday, September 27, 2004

This may be the bags at last. Posted by Hello

Goodness knows how many bag pictures will be sent. Can't see anywhere to delete mis-tries. Posted by Hello

Glitzy evening bags Posted by Hello

Knitting up a Storm

All this winter I have been knitting scarves and then started in on some bags. There is already a picture of a little bag on my blog, but these evening bags are something special. The yarn is called Glitzy and is French. It is very colourful with a touch of metallic, and was also very expensive. But I think it makes a really nice fabric when knitted up, and the bags are something anyone would like to own.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

26 September 2004

I have to unpick the edges of the palm tree wallhanging and finish it off somehow, but have just remembered I used the remaining piece of that blue satin to line a bag. Mmmm, interesting problem, maybe I can find some satin bias in a contrasting colour to do this.

Palm tree with Tyvek and machine embroidery Posted by Hello

Saturday, September 25, 2004

25 September 2004

I think it is a mistake to get a new computer, new digital camera, 2 new photo programmes (one on trial) and my first blog all at the same time.
I have been working on a fancy bra for the Crazy Patchwork retreat and this morning found some wild curly ribbon Christmas decorations that I decided would add that final touch of pizazz to my bra for the bra parade. I also got some cord I wanted for the bottom of a little linen bag I am making from some fabric left over from my trouser making sessions.
I have decided on the last decoration for the dragon round robin I am working on, I have some tiny beaded tatted circles and will add a few french knots in my hand dyed silk ribbon and other threads, not exactly flowers, but just something to join together the two seams I embellished. Must brace myself for another go at putting photos in the right place and of the right size!
I think I will be glad to shut this computer down on Thursday so I can get away on holiday!

Crazy Patch seascape Posted by Hello

Knitted Bag Posted by Hello


Ha! well I got a picture onto the blog, now to learn how to put them in the right place. This is a little bag I knitted with some German yarn, I have lined the bag with silk and it is all ready to go.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Friday, 24 September

I am still having problems with my new digital camera. I am working on this and hope to post some photos later on today.

Have been working on my part of a dragon round robin crazy patchwork block. Have added some blue sequin trim and have embroidered and beaded a couple of seams. Have also dyed some silk ribbon, but have to wait a little longer before I can wash and use this. I usually paint my silk ribbon, but was dyeing socks and had some dye left over, so dug out the ribbon I had unpainted and just dribbled dyes over it. Am wondering what will happen as I am usually more organised than this, but am hoping the colours will travel through the silk and blend nicely.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Thursday 23 September

I opened this account just so I can put a comment on Frequently Wrong but Never in Doubt blog, and now find I am the proud owner of my own blog. I had better introduce myself, I am a grandmother, living in Western Australia and have been sewing, knitting, plus any other hand craft for most of my life. Currently I am working on pieces for my machine embroidery group exhibition in November. I will have to get my new digital camera out and take some photos to ornament this blog, have only just managed to get the software working properly so am short of images to use.

For the exhibition I have a crazy patch seascape that was part of a round robin with my online group, it is so pretty I am pleased with it. Have bordered it in a shot dupion silk which really adds to the visual impact. When I can work out how to add pictures to this blog I will get some added.