Saturday, October 27, 2007

Making Tissue fabric

I've been struggling to get blogger to put the photos in the right order, but think I have won this time!
I like to colour the base fabric in case it should show, also you might want to leave pieces uncovered for whatever reason. The first picture is of calico drip painted with Setacolor. When the colour has migrated how I want it I dry the fabric and in this case, because I want a lot of texture I do not iron. Paint the calico with diluted PVA glue, make it quite wet to give a lot of adhesive power. At this stage, before putting on the tissue paper you can lay down threads, basically anything you can stitch through without breaking your sewing machine needle. While the painted calico was drying I painted a piece of tissue paper with acrylic paints. I happened to use a bit of tissue from a shoe box, but you can use gift wrap tissue, some is nicely patterned. I decided to apply the tissue torn up to hide the brush marks so tear and press into the gluey fabric, painting PVA on top of each torn piece as I go, making sure the edges of each piece are glued down well.
If you want a smooth finish you can apply your tissue in one piece over nicely ironed base fabric. It gives a beautiful leather like finish.
Leave to dry and you have a nice base fabric to embellish.


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