Thursday, October 26, 2006

Compost dyed silk

Despite mordanting the silk before I bundled it up in a polythene bag with veggie scraps, the only real colour taken up permanently was coffee from the rather damp coffee grounds I used. I shall use this silk unironed I think as it at least gives it a bit of texture since the colour all washed out. It had lovely pinky blobs from strawberries and yellowy blobs from hibiscus before it was washed, but these vanished so were obviously not a fast colour. I don't seem to have much luck with compost or rust dyeing, and I think I can get much better effects anyway from synthetic dyes, so will not pursue the natural dye path. I think, too, I will overdye some of this silk, I can do much better than this without all the pounding, tieing, moving around to sunny spots in the garden, etc. so much easier with either silk dyes or my faithful Procion MX.


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