Monday, October 16, 2006

Selling houses not for people with an untidy studio space! We are moving into a smaller place, at least one with a smaller garden. The estate agent thinks our house too untidy to get a good price, so I have spent hours and hours this weekend trying to (unsuccessfully) reduce the size of my stash and sundry goodies. It seems to me that the idle afternoon tv watching housewife is approved, the creative, if untidy artist is not. We have resorted to moving stuff to our other house, which we will most likely move into. Today I took two of my machines there and am feeling bereft. In order to assuage my feelings of loss I have been busy making a postcard, still very much a WIP, but may manage to do a photograph tomorrow.


At 11:22 AM, Blogger Maureen said...

Not you too!!
I'm going through the same downsizing process :-(
It's soooo disheartening and tiring.
Being a rural property I've already filled one 6 cub metre skip with "His" rubbish;and local koala hospital just accepted two cartons of towels and sheets;there's 3 cartons of offcuts,unused quilt fabrics for several charity quilt groups.
Good luck M2


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