Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Water feature

Someone on Flickr suggested this water feature might be an old well. I have to admit it fooled me as I was asking about delivery, it being obviously too heavy for us to handle. It is plastic! I think it has been sprayed with finely ground stone though as it has the real rough stone feel. Anyway it fitted into the boot of my car nicely and on the way home I was saying to my husband that I would like to get a small collection of frogs to sit on the edge of it. We diverted to show off our new 'toy' to my daughter. When they opened the car boot they jumped backward as a real frog leapt high in the air and then scuttled for cover in the depths of my boot. Eventually they caught it and set it free to find its way to one of the lakes that run in a chain between the coast and the Darling Scarp.

Promise this textile blog will revert to its true purpose soon. Perhaps I'll make myself a frog softie to hug (if I can find the pattern).


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