Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stocktake day

Today I am doing a stocktake of the books in the machine embroidery group. Being librarian has its downside I have knitted another of the teacosies and before felting it I have to sew the ends in, so I thought being a sort of mindless task I would take it with me to do in lulls between stocktaking. We are also having a papermaking workshop first thing, I could do with some more handmade paper, I love to look at it and feel it and have just begun to incorporate it into my work.

I made another postcard yesterday under the message bearers and the environment theme. This time I worked in greens rather than the browns our tutor wanted us to work in. I had problems working in the iron dyed colours, my environment is green, the lovely sagey green lit with sparkles of light which is Perth. The red colours relate to the centre and north of Australia, places I love, but they are holiday places, not my environmental home.


At 7:01 PM, Blogger Sophie said...

I can understand - it's not easy working with colours/fabrics that you're not fond of (or that don't match your ideas/images/themes)


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