Saturday, January 28, 2006


I survived my Mum's funeral and seem to have come through the other side; my brain is functioning again and my interest in textiles is resurgent.

I found this link to a knitted tote which is later felted. Thanks to Sophie I think I may have inserted this link properly, but here it is again just in case:
Note that the tote is knitted in a wool with a percentage of nylon in its make-up.

I have finished the teacosy; after felting it in the washing machine a second time it felted satisfactorily and is a better size altogether. I stitched on buttons and a length of felted isacord as a bow on the top. Immediately snaffled by eldest daughter, but I will get it back for a few minutes to photograph, it is really funky and should keep any teapot toasty warm whatever the temperature.


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