Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Felting yet again

I had to buy a metre of wool fabric or an old blanket for the Glenys Mann workshop I am doing early next month. Today I scored a piece of really tatty old blanket for $1.50 in an op shop. Heaps better than buying a metre of wool fabric! So I threw it, together with the teacosy, into the washer with hot soapy water to soak and then wash. I am happy to say that it has felted to quite a respectable size now, sitting on top of a round bowl to shape it at present. When it dries I can play at embellishing it with beads and ribbon bows. I think I will also make a small hem at the bottom of it and run a narrow piece of elastic around it as it sort of flares at the bottom and I think it would be snugger around a teapot if it was narrower here.


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