Friday, January 06, 2006

Horoscope for January

I found a link to Crazy Aunt Purl's horoscopes for January.( Mine is as follows:
'VIRGO (August 23 - Sept. 22)
I have a very good Virgo friend who once told me that she's a member of the "most boring sign in the zodiac." Say it ain't so. I think there's a simmering discontent right under your skin. You feel like a big slug right now, but you're just going to have to rouse yourself out of your rut and shake a tailfeather, baby. If you try to bury your head you'll end up with car trouble, financial worries and an ulcer. Besides, your namesake planet is retrograding, and even the word "retrograde" sounds sinister, don't you agree? Make like a good Virgo and spend some time organizing your life, un-retrograding yourself. Once you start, you'll feel infinitely better.'

Well, I do have car trouble, no brake lights. Everyone else just puts a new fuse in and all is ok again. My car has a switch thingie under the brake pedal that has broken and a new one has to be ordered from the Eastern States. So far I have waited 10 days, either the post is VERY slow or they have forgotten to order this bit. And yup, I do feel Virgo is a bit of a boring sign, I try to keep my head above the edge of my rut and my tail feather is wagging furiously. But hey, retrogade is high fashion right now, sounds ok to me!


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