Sunday, January 01, 2006

Dyeing Wool

Yes, I did it! Was much easier than I thought and very successful. The boring white wool I bought in the sale is now gum leaf green, orange/yellow and brown/yellow. I should have thickened the dye before putting it onto the skeined yarn as the colours ran into each other more than I had intended, but I know that bit now. The skeins are still drying on the line and until they are completely dry the colour will be a little darker than when dry, so will take a picture tomorrow and show you what I did.

Of course, I did not change into old clothes although I did wear a plastic apron. My jeans and black teeshirt are nicely embellished too! Since the dye was not fixed I am hoping it will come out of my clothes, there was no wash out at all from the wool.


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