Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My pet

Well, since I love making crazy patchwork, I just had to have this spider on my blog. Winceyette is just a baby yet, but he is learning to make the most complex webs which you can admire if you click on the link to play with my pet.


At 3:28 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

Your spider reminded me of my experience the other day... Now I know I wasn't well and perhaps I do exaggerate at times :)BUT...
I was cooking tea in our very small square space we call a kichen... I was needing some newspaper and I picked up one of that had sat in our letter box overnight... As I unfolded it I felt something on my bare arm... I shouted as you do and did an overarm bowl that would qualify me for the world team... P and E came running such were my cries of anguish... I in between breathes (hard when one has chronic sinus and asthma)insisted that I felt something run up my arm... Yes, they said looking at each other and then making a very good imitation of looking around the floor and surrounds... What did it look like? they said humouring me... It was big, dark and it had legs with feet that stuck I said... After a few minutes they left to go back to their interurruped pursuits... I continued on cooking dinner with dark mutterings about not being believed... About an hour later I was on the phone (in the kitchen) and out from across the wall runs a large, dark with legs that have feet that stick huntsman spider... I knew straight away that here was the reason for my distress...All's P could say as he wrestled it out the door was that I must have concussed the poor thing when I flung it against the walll and it had crawled under the fridge to recoup... Concussed it - I'll give it concussed... So there ends my sad tale...hehehehehe

At 6:53 AM, Blogger Sophie said...

I miss tigger!! he kept me amused with giggles for ages. I'll just have to drop by 20.six occasionally for a play (grin)


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