Friday, November 25, 2005

Yellow Iris

Yellow Iris
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Crossed off the list
I made major efforts yesterday and finished off the blue quilt, the pieced border is now finished and it is ready for sending to the quilter. My Y2K quilt has the sashing fixed and the border is now cut out, then this one too will be ready for the quilter. Both are too large for me to do at home.

Am still beading on the little bag, just love the way the beads add subtle sparkle to the work. Am going to cut off my first row of beading as I don't like the beads I used here. Just embedding a few beads in the plaited yarns, but don't want them to be too obvious.

My garden is beginning to repay some of the work I have put into it. Here is a picture of a gorgeous yellow iris that has just begun to bloom:


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