Sunday, March 25, 2007

Beanies and more beanies

After my mass production of moebius scarves and long scarves over the last two years, I have changed to knitting beanies this year. This is a selection of those I have knitted. The dark blue one is for my son who cycles to work and being a chef has very early starts or very late finishes to his days. The others are mainly for charity. I still have more wool that will make another two beanies, this morning I found a nice cable patterned child's beanie, pattern looks good.

Still trying to sell our house, I spent home open time with my daughter and our dogs. We had a nice feast on hot cross buns, and later when it was a bit cooler pruned and deadheaded some of her roses, the great heat we had resulted in some dead wood on one of her roses and we took that all out. Now she is off to feed and ride horses and I am home thinking about cooking dinner.


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