Tuesday, March 21, 2006

bead making

I have been busy machine embroidering felt ready for a bead making workshop I am doing next month. You need kumen felt which satisfactorily melts and buckles to turn into interesting beads. Some of the felt I have isn't kumen and some is. Apparently the felt squares you buy even if labelled kumen is not always, so I did a test drive yesterday. Got a very interesting bead, put some mod podge on it,which gives it a pretty gleam, but think I should have added some metallic paint first as a bit of glitter would have been good. Not sure if you can paint over mod podge. I will try to take a photo later today, but being black I don't think the bead will be an easy subject.

Last night I had free tickets to see The Producers at an outside cinema near the Swan River. The film was good, the night was very warm, but being by the river the air cooled down towards the end of the film and I was glad I had taken my shawl with me.


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