Monday, December 19, 2005

Visual Journals

There has been some talk recently about keeping visual journals. The discussion has centred on whether they should be works of art or a ragbag of jottings regarding ideas, swatches of fabrics or threads, whatever takes your fancy. I have to confess there is no way my visual journals (I have a large one for Big Ideas and a small one to carry around) will ever be works of art. In fact I often doubt that my works of art are works of art, but whatever they satisfy my desire for creative expression. Since I can't see anyone in posterity finding one of my visual journals in some second hand bookshop and deciding to arrange to have it printed as a book as it is so interesting and so detailed (somewhat like 'Diary of an Edwardian Country Lady') I have given myself free permission to be as messy as I like as long as there are entries. Onya Arlee!


At 1:24 AM, Blogger arlee said...

:} Atta girl!!!


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